How to Recover Deleted Voicemail on Samsung Phone: The Ultimate Guide

recovering deleted voicemails on your Samsung device

Picture this: you’ve just received an important voicemail from your boss, your family member, or your doctor. But then, disaster strikes! You accidentally delete the message, and now it’s gone forever…or is it? If you have a Samsung phone, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about recovering deleted voicemails on your Samsung device. We’ll cover the best practices, handy tools, and expert insights to make the process as simple as possible. So, let’s dive in!

How Voicemails Work on Samsung Phones

They typically work through two main channels: your carrier’s voicemail service and third-party applications. Most of the time, your phone carrier will provide a voicemail service by default. When you set up your phone, you’ll be prompted to create a greeting and password. Once you’ve done that, you can access them through the phone’s call application or a separate visual voicemail app.

Third-party applications, on the other hand, allow you to access them through different interfaces and often provide additional features like transcription and cloud storage. Popular third-party apps include Google Voice, YouMail, and InstaVoice.

Is Recovery Possible?

The good news is that yes, it is indeed possible on Samsung phones! When you delete it, it’s not immediately removed from your device or your carrier’s servers. Instead, it’s typically moved to a “deleted” or “trash” folder, where it remains for a set period (usually around 30 days) before being permanently deleted. This grace period gives you a chance to recover the ones you may have accidentally deleted.

Built-In Samsung Voicemail Recovery Methods

Now that we’ve established that recovering them is possible, let’s explore the built-in methods for Samsung phone users.

Using Visual Voicemail

If you have a Samsung phone with these capabilities (like the Samsung Galaxy series), follow these steps to recover deleted messages:

  • Open the Phone app.
  • Tap the “Voicemail” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll down and tap on “Deleted Voicemails” or “Trash.” If you don’t see this option, your carrier might not support visual voicemail recovery, and you’ll need to try the next method.
  • Browse the list of deleted messages and tap the one you want to recover.
  • Tap “Restore” or “Undelete” to move the voicemail back to your inbox.

Accessing Your Carrier’s Voicemail System

If your Samsung phone doesn’t have visual voicemail or your carrier doesn’t support it, you can still try recovering deleted messages by calling your system directly. Here’s how:

  • Press and hold the “1” key on your phone’s dial pad to call your voicemail
  • Enter your password or PIN when prompted
  • Navigate to the “Deleted Messages” or “Trash” folder
  • Listen to each message to determine which one you want to recover
  • Follow the prompts to restore the message to your inbox
  • Third-Party Solutions for Voicemail Recovery

If the built-in methods for recovering them don’t work for you, don’t fret! There are still third-party solutions available that can help you recover them on your Samsung phone.

Android Data Recovery Software

recovering deleted data on Android devices

One of the most popular options for recovering deleted data on Android devices is using specialized data recovery software. These programs scan your device’s internal storage and memory for any deleted files that haven’t been overwritten. Here are a few popular data recovery software options:

EaseUS MobiSaver for Android: This program can recover deleted voicemails, photos, videos, messages, and other types of data from your Samsung phone. You can download a free trial version to see if it is recoverable before purchasing the full version.

Dr. Fone: This software offers a range of features, including voicemail recovery, message recovery, and data extraction from broken phones. It’s compatible with Samsung phones and can also recover data from other Android devices.

Disk Drill: This software is known for its user-friendly interface and ability to recover files from a range of devices and storage types, including internal memory and SD cards. It can also recover deleted voicemails on Samsung phones.

Pro Tips for Samsung Voicemail Recovery

Now that you have a range of options for recovering deleted voicemails on your Samsung phone, here are a few pro tips to keep in mind:

Act fast

The longer you wait to recover a deleted voicemail, the less likely it is to be recoverable. Try to recover the message as soon as possible after deleting it.

Back up your data

It’s always a good idea to regularly back up your phone’s data to prevent data loss. You can use Samsung’s built-in backup and restore features or a third-party backup app.

Check with your carrier

If you’re having trouble recovering a deleted voicemail, contact your carrier’s customer support team. They may be able to help you recover the message or provide additional options for recovery.

Be cautious with third-party software: While data recovery software can be effective, it’s important to use reputable programs and follow the instructions carefully. Improper use of data recovery software can cause further data loss or damage to your device.

Of course, the best way to recover them is to prevent them from being deleted in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you avoid accidentally deleting important ones on your Samsung phone:

Enable notifications

Make sure you have notifications turned on for your voicemail app or service so that you’re alerted when a new message arrives.

Set up a PIN

Adding a password or PIN to your account can prevent accidental deletion or unauthorized access.

Don’t rush

Take your time when managing your messages to avoid accidentally deleting important messages.

Archive important voicemails: If you have a particularly important one that you want to keep, consider archiving it or saving it to a separate folder.


Can deleted voicemail be recovered if the Samsung phone is damaged or broken?

It depends on the extent of the damage and if the voicemail data is still intact. You can try using data recovery software or contacting a professional data recovery service.

What happens to deleted voicemail on my Samsung phone?

It is typically moved to a temporary folder or trash bin before being permanently deleted.

How long are deleted voicemails been kept on my Samsung phone?

The length of time depends on your phone carrier and their backup policies.

Can I recover deleted voicemail on a Samsung phone that was factory reset?

It’s unlikely that deleted voicemail can be recovered after a factory reset, as this process erases all data from the phone.

Can I recover deleted voicemail on my Samsung phone without paying for a recovery service?

Yes, you can try using a voicemail recovery app or contacting your phone carrier for free recovery options.


Losing a voicemail message can be frustrating, but with the right tools and strategies, you can recover deleted voicemails on your Samsung phone. Whether you use built-in recovery methods, third-party software, or cloud-based voicemail services, make sure to act quickly, be cautious, and follow best practices for preventing future data loss. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to recover deleted voicemails and avoid losing important messages in the future.